Hydroponics Resources

These are some great resources for hydroponic gardening. The hydroponics resources listed below are third-party websites, so DIY Hydro doesn’t offer any guarantees or warranties for the content they provide. We do however successfully use these sites for our own reference and know that our visitors and audience will find them valuable.

Hydroponics Resources

Downloadable Handbook
University of Arizona Introduction to Hydroponics
and Controlled Environment Agriculture (Scroll down to view
and download each of the chapters under Curriculum)

Cornell University Vegetable MD online
Disease Fact Sheets Listed by Crop

Electricity Cost Calculator
Use this electrical cost calculator to calculate your running electrical costs. Including Lights, pumps, fans etc. You just need to know the wattage and what you pay per kilowatt hr. If the wattage isn’t listed on the device, just multiply the amps and volts to get the wattage. What you pay per kilowatt hr will be listed on your monthly electrical bill. Make sure to include any surcharges.

Hydroponic Magazines

Maximum Yield
Online Hydroponics Magazine

Backyard Aquaponics
Aquaponics is about growing fish and vegetables together in the same system

hydroponics resources - Hydroponics Books

Books on Hydroponics

Want to read up more on Hydroponics?

hydroponics resources - Plant Information

Plant Specific Information

Plant Specific PH – TDS – PPM for Hydroponics
DIY Hydro resource

Growing tomatoes Hydroponically (Plant Nutrition)
University of Arizona

Small-Scale Lettuce Production with Hydroponics or Aquaponics – PDF
University of Hawaii Department of Molecular Biosciences and Bioengineering

Production of Sweet Bell Peppers – PDF
Agriculture and Rural Development, Alberta Canada

Greenhouse Production in Florida – PDF
Covers tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers

A Primer on Hydroponic Cut Tulips – PDF
Department of Horticulture
Cornell University

hydroponics resources - Hydro Supplies

Hydroponic Equipment and Supply Retailers

General Hydroponics
is the leading innovator in the field of Hydroponics technology worldwide

Discount Hydroponics
Large selection of products from different manufactures

Crop King
Supply’s for both commercial as well as home growers

Hydro Farm
Large supplier for home growers

hydroponics resources - Hydroponics Nutrients

Cost Effective Hydroponic Nutrients

Hydroponic nutrient fertilizers

Jr Peters
Hydroponic Fertilizer Systems

General Hydroponics Maxi Series nutrients
The dry maxi series nutrients are stand alone dry concentrated nutrients.

They make both general fertilizers as well as crop specific fertilizers

A variety of formulas sold from in quantities from 5lb’s to 5 gallon pails

Individual Mineral Elements

Hydroponic Blogs

Science in Hydroponics
Hydroponics from the point of view of a professional chemist,
including a free downloadable hydroponic nutrient calculator

DIY Hydro will add more hydroponics resources as we see fit and if the content is appropriate. If you have a resource that you think will benefit our audience, please feel free to contact us with the subject line of Hydroponics Resources. Thanks.